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Monthly SEO Agreement

Vettore Media, LLC herein referred to as "Company" agrees to provide  herein referred to as client, with Search Engine Optimization services (SEO) as defined below:


SEO Services:

SEO services will be performed on  , herein referred to as "website".  


Setup of SEO services will include ($279 one time setup fee)

  1. Keyword research.  Based on the details given to company by client, company will perform in depth keyword research using major search engines as well as other sources of data.  Company will analyze these keywords and decide in its sole discretion which ones will be best to target on client website.
  2. on-site optimization of up to five pages of existing content.  This includes
    1. Optimization of the content to include usage of keywords that were found to be most likely to produce results during the keyword research phase of the project.  
    2. Writing of Meta Tags that will include keywords found in the keyword research phase of the project
    3. Re-writing of title tags
    4. Adding or removing content as necessary to achieve results
    5. Changing internal linking structure to make website more desirable to search engines and more user friendly
    6. Change website URL's to be in harmony with the keyword data
    7. Creation of XML sitemap
    8. Creation of ALT tags for photos found in the content of pages to be optimized
    9. Other adjustments as needed to achieve results
    10. Re-optimization of photos on pages to be optimized as needed
  3. Off-site optimization includes:
    1. Acquisition of up to 20 backlinks which will be made to target main keywords and content on client website
    2. submission of XML sitemap to Google, Bing, and Yahoo
    3. Creation of relevant content to surround said backlinks
    4. Optimization of google business listing
    5. Notifying google of preferred website version (www or non-www)
    6. Setup of Google analytics

Monthly SEO services to be provided ($160 per month OR $1600 per year) configured after signing.

Company will monitor client website MONTHLY for changes in SEO rankings.  Client will receive one (1) report per MONTH detailing the following.

  1. Ranking of keywords
  2. Change in keyword rankings
  3. Ranking of competition
  4. Analytics data
  5. Other key SEO factors as appropriate

Company will make changes to the on-site and/or off-site SEO based on generated MONTHLY reports As Needed.  This means that if in the professional opinion of Company, changes are needed to achieve or attempt to achieve better results, these changes will be made on a MONTHLY basis as needed in response to the MONTHLy report.

General SEO information

SEO occurs when a SEO professional takes technical steps to help a target web page achieve higher rankings in search engines.  SEO is an ever changing technical field.  SEO professionals are constantly trying to keep up with changes in algorithms, requirements, and other factors.  SEO professionals DO NOT control search engines, rather, SEO professionals are controlled by search engines.  For this reason, NO SEO PROFESSIONAL CAN EVER GUARANTEE FIRST PAGE RESULTS.  What an SEO professional can do is guarantee that the rankings of a particular web page will improve when best practice SEO methods are used.


For the above reasons, company CANNOT AND WILL NOT GUARANTEE FIRST PAGE RESULTS.  What company does guarantee is that website will experience an improvement in its website rankings as a result of services provided by company.  Rankings can take time to improve.  For example; one website may improve its rankings all the way up to the first page in just three months whereas another website may increase its rankings in 6 months or more.  Results depend on factors such as location, reviews from users of client services, competition, and more.  

Client cooperation is mandatory.  When company needs something from client in order to fulfill the terms of this contract OR in order to improve the SEO strategy (for example, a mailing address in the target city, genuine reviews on multiple platforms, delivering links to those who are going to provide a link on their website, etc.), it is expected that client will deliver what is requested in a timely fashion.  Client understands that if this is not done, then the SEO progress may not be as expected.

Additional details

Company expects client to give full and unhindered access to its google business listing this can be done by adding Company as an owner or manager with full access.  Client understands that if a certain area is being targeted, that it is always best to have an address in that area (I.E. if Miami is being targeted, then an address in Miami would be highly appropriate) that can be used in the google business listing.

Client understands that company will begin services as of the date of receipt of the yearly payment.

My signature below indicates my agreement with the above terms, pricing, and conditions.

Cancellation of Services

Should client choose to discontinue services, client may do so at anytime be logging into their client account at: and clicking on services.  Find "monthly SEO" and click on it.  There is an option to "request cancellation".  Cancellation can take effect immediately OR at the end of the current term.  Client must submit request at least 7 days before the next invoice is due so as to cancel the current invoice.  If request is made with less than 7 days notice client payment method may still be charged due to status not changing in the system before the payment date.  In this case, a refund will be issued less processing fees which are not returned by credit card merchant.


NO refunds will be issued for completed payments.  Client has the choice of when to cancel services and such service cancellation will not come with a prorated refund.  If client is unhappy with services provided by company, client must contact company to address client concerns. 


Client agrees not to initiate a "chargeback" or otherwise dispute a charge once client has paid.  If client initiates a reversal of a payment while under the terms of this agreement client agrees to pay company all reasonable attorney's fees and/or collection fees to recoup said payment funds.


by signing below, I agree to the terms of this agreement and understand what is written herein.  

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