Types of Websites

As you look around the internet, you will see all kinds of different types of websites.  Here we will break down these types of websites into three main groups; Professional, Small Business, and E-commerce.


Which type of website would you like to learn about first?

Professional Websites

A professional website is more than just a website that is professional in that it is built by a professional and looks great.  A professional website is one that someone uses to show themselves off personally, as a professional.  For example, someone may use a professional website as kind of an online resume, somewhere people can link to to find out more about a person as a professional; whether they are a doctor, lawyer, teacher, taxi driver, web designer, or whatever.

When someone visits a professional website, they notice that the person that the website is about really stands out as different.  Not many people get a professional website.  Perhaps they have their own small business website and they have an about us page where people can learn a little about the owner, however, this is not like having an online resume where people can link to different aspects of a professionals background to find out more in a visually desirable manner.

You can see an example with the founder and CEO of Vettore Media, LLC.  Although there is an about us page on the website you are currently reading, Chris has his own professional website that expounds on the things he has accomplished and provides a lot more information about him.

Visit the professional website for the founder and CEO of Vettore Media, LLC

So as we can see then, a professional website is one that is about just that, a professional.  It should be somewhere where people can get the bigger picture about someone as a professional, and it is a tool in the hand of a professional to help them get noticed and thereby be able to land better gigs in their industries.

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Professional Website Example

This is an example of a professional website. This one is like an online resume that goes into more detail than a typical resume would.

Small Business Website

A small business website, is just what it sounds like, a website for a small business.  These are great for people who have businesses and they want to put them online so that their customers or clients can find them.  There are many great ways to make a small business website look and feel exceptional.

When a small business website looks and feels great, people are more likely to feel at ease doing business with the company.  This in turn, increases the bottom line, which makes everyone happy.

A small business could be a barber shop, web design company, cheese maker, dry cleaner, bus service, travel service, tourism, hotel, or any number of different types of businesses.

The exciting thing for small business owners is when they see that their website is being found by their target audience.  This usually can only happen when the website has SEO services as well.

Increasing traffic to a small business website will undoubtedly result in more business and greater profits.

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Wedding Photography in Miami

Miami Wedding Photographer Benny Angene enjoys his small photography business website. Clients really enjoy it as well because of its visual appeal.

Leather Repair Houston

LeatherMan Leather Repair in Houston TX enjoys a simple website to let people know who they are, what they do as a small business, and how to contact them.

E-Commerce Website

An e-commerce website is one where someone has a small business but their goal is to be able to sell their product or services on the internet.  A fully featured e-commerce website will be able to keep track of inventory, accept payments, automatically send emails to customers, and much more.

When a business needs to sell things online, it is very important that they can do so in an attractive way.  Therefore, having a professionally designed and implemented e-commerce website is critical for anyone who wants to sell things on the internet.

Getting customers to the website is another story.  Good SEO services are also needed so that people can find the e-commerce site and become new clients of the business.  

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Sturgis Lodging

Sturgis RV rentals in South Dakota uses an e-commerce type site to rent out homes and RV’s for the Sturgis motorcycle rally every year.

Professional Translation Services

Translate by Human, LLC has an e-commerce site to sell their translation services as products. All clients have to do is enter the number of words in the quantity box, upload the document at checkout, and complete the purchase.